A Family StorySince 1966

The winery is today leaded by the third family generation, Lorenzo, Lisa and Serena. They inherit passion and vocation from their father Franco Pacenti. The three brothers look forward renewing values and traditions, received from their grandfather Rosildo, who started the activity in the 60’s.

From Vineyard to GlassWinegrowers in Montalcino


North-East of Montalcino hill, in Canalicchio area, historical side and one of the most vocated of the denomination.


10 hectares cultivated with sustainable principles. Entirely Sangiovese, raised in a clayey soil at 300 mt of altitude.


A classical interpretation of Sangiovese, with character, elegance and strength, great expression of the territory.

Wine Experiences to liveWine Experience

Dive in our territory and breath the perfumes, in an atmoshere that smells like home.
An experience to be lived to better understand the great wines of Montalcino.

Into barrels and vineyards, through stories of people and wines. Discover the shades of our Sangiovese grape!
Exclusive events for adults and kids, following the seasonal time,
trekking, picnic in the vineyards and wine tastings under the stars.
Quality of a great wine, born in the vineyards, enhancing the Terroir. Lorenzo Pacenti

Wine of ExcellenceOur Wines

Truthful wines and loyal to the territory, sons of each vintage.
Wines of character, elegant and strong in the same time.

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