A Family Story

A Passion through
Three Generations. Family Pacenti

The History

This is a family story, a long lasting one.

The LineageThis is the story of Pacenti Family, dated 1300, when the origin name was still Piacenti, an aristocratic Tuscan family, attributable to Saint Caterina da Siena, Patron of Italy.
The OriginsPacenti Family moved to Montalcino working as a sharecropping, moving from a farmhouse to another. Rosildo Pacenti, born in 1924, inherits the passion for the land keeping on the tradition of farm animals and cultivating wheat, olive grove and vineyards.
The DreamThis the story of Rosildo who fulfil his dream buying the Canalicchio estate in 1962. Rosildo was a man accustomed to effort and to receive satisfaction from working the land, he never doubts leaving his lands. He chooses bravely to remain in his countryside when most of the people moved to the cities ran after industrialization.
First Production of BrunelloIn 1966 Pacenti produced the first bottle of Brunello, due to courage and foresight of Rosildo. He strongly believed in the potential of the territory, where the Sangiovese, autoctone variety, could reach excellence.
Franco PacentiThis is the story of Rosildo’s son too, Franco. Since youth he supported and helped the growth of the winery. The official transition was in 1988, he finally started to lead and to structure the winery.
The ChangeThe increasing success of Brunello, encouraged Franco to an important decision. He decided to leave all other agricultural activities and to concentrate completely on viticulture, by producing wine of high quality. He started planting new vineyards of Sangiovese, arriving to an extension of 10 hectares. He realized then a new cellar, perfectly integrated with the landscape of Val d'Orcia, as well functional and provided of modern equipments.
The Third GenerationThis is also the story of Lorenzo, Lisa and Serena, Franco’s children, representing the third generation. Each one fill a specific role and they lead together the winery with dynamism. They face the future proud and awareness to be the new start of a new chapter.

The People

Family and work is blend together in just one reality, tradition, values that we pass on, although keeping us together in this demanding land, that lots gives us but lots requires. Franco Pacenti