From Vineyard to Glass

A poem born from the land

It is a classical and pure interpretation of Sangiovese, with high attention taking care the vineyards, following sustainability principles and respecting the environment.

The man behind the wineLorenzo Pacenti

Lorenzo has a technical education which he reflects in all his productive choices. Those are always loyal to artisan and authentic spirit by producing wines that represent completely the terroir of Montalcino.

Human being is the true difference, it becomes the additional value and gives the ability to translate it in a unique taste, the unrepeatable print of the winemaker. Lorenzo Pacenti

Precision ViticoltureDynamism

The strength of the third generation Pacenti is to combine a scientifically approach with experience in order to react to climate changes with dynamism and awareness. A weather station with different points of detection in the vineyards was installed to supervise and then to act with target measures. Planting new vineyards with attention, located in the hill and oriented North-South to get the best exposure, ventilation and fresher temperatures.

Respect for environmentSustainability

Green Manure

Technique used to control the weeds and to improve the structure of the soil. In summer this is followed by dry straw mulch to keep the humidity in the soil.


Technique used with pruning shoots to keep the fertility of the soil.

Mating disruption

To fight the vine moth (Lobesia Botrana).

The path started in the vineyard ended in the cellar, reinforcing the blend between what the land offers and the skilful human hand.


Fermentations in steel tanks and in controlled temperatures, with pumping over and délestage. Follows long macerations on the skins, soft and long term extraction to emphasize the grapes.


Following vinification the wines are aging in oak barrels, Slavonian and French. Thereby Sangiovese evolve and express itself fully, pursuit elegance.

Elegance and strenghtOur wines

It is a classical style and respectful of tradition, capable to hold the flame of an ancient and united history.