The spring aromas of the Franco Pacenti – Canalicchio wines: an experience not to be missed

Spring aromas with the blooming vines, it is time to discover the link between the wine and its territory

The lush vegetation of the vineyards is once again filling the territories where the wine is produced. In this period, looking at the vines, it is possible to see the small green grapes in the middle of the flowers and the leaves that keep the energy necessary for the growth.  Together with the delicate emotion of this rural motion, it is time to feel the aromas that will characterize your glass. You will discover the elegance of the Franco Pacenti – Canalicchio Brunello with its floral notes. Visiting Montalcino in this period means experiencing the unique atmosphere of a territory where wine is soul and master. The regular rows of the vineyards that seem to softly and harmoniously embellish the hills are a sight not to be missed.