Franco Pacenti – Canalicchio: it’s time for green harvest

The estate meticulously checks every plant in order to achieve the right production balance and maintain a high quality level

It is a transformation period for the vineyards of Franco Pacenti’s estate – Canalicchio in Montalcino. A time of change, when harvest is near and grapes set off ripening: it is the veraison phenological stage, when the berries change colour from green to red, acquiring their final colour. It’s time for the so called “green harvest”: every single plant is meticulously checked, eliminating entire clusters or parts of clusters to achieve the optimum balance between growth and fruit production.
“After a first selection at the fruit set, now it’s time for the real grapes thinning. A precision job, essential to let grapes ripen in the optimal way, even if we always try to make sure that the plants can control themselves on their own and find the right balance.”, tells Lorenzo Pacenti that follows the agronomic part of the estate.
Indeed, a decrease of the quantity permits a higher accumulation of polyphenols and aromas, promoting a quality improvement. Decisive sagacities that, at harvest time, won’t miss giving good fruits and, as a consequence, an excellent wine!