The estate management with the generational turnover

The estate management with the generational turnover: Franco Pacenti and his sons Lisa, Lorenzo and Serena

Franco Pacenti’s Canalicchio estate covers about 36 hectars, 10 of which are vineyards and 1 of olivgroves. Canalicchio is a family run estate that, from now on, can count on the three sons Lisa, Lorenzo and Serena that, putting into practice their knowledge, continue building the precious heritage that their family has donated from generation to generation. In which way the new generation has helped giving an innovative touch to the estate, that has its roots at the beginning of the last century? Lisa: “We put ourselves out there following the footsteps of our father and grandfather, willing to take steps to do innovative challenges and have new stimulus. We split up our duties and everyone is taking care of a different aspect of our job, the task that one is more confident of and that he or she studied for. I am the first-born and I’ve worked at the estate for ten years now. Having studied accounting, I deal with the commercial and administrative part. My twin brothers have been active participant in the estate since a few years now: Lorenzo, with agricultural and winemaking skills, is following the production process, from the vineyard to the bottle; Serena, thanks to her studies in hospitality business and specialized in cooking, delights our guests during the tastings with special Tuscan recipes, handed down in our family from one generation to another. Everyone is trying to put into practice his/her knowledge to continue building the precious heritage that our family gave us. What does the renovated figure of the labels, merging tradition and modernity, represent? Serena: “The new labels show our identity that is, indeed, a duo of tradition and modernity, with a certain elegance that you can find again in the glass. By now, at the third generation, we wanted to reread the historical figure in a contemporary key, looking at the future, being proud of our past.” Which are the aims of the new generation? Lorenzo: “Aware of the values and traditions handed down, we will continue to get better day by day, aiming at the quality of our products and giving more and more importance to the terroir to obtain unique wines, with the final goal of maintaining our historical markets and building a prominent figure on the emerging ones. On the other side, we will try to develop more and more the hospitality, so that wine lovers – and not only – can get closer to our reality. We believe that immersing in our territory, breathing its perfumes and seeing the face and hands of the people that are behind a glass of wine, is the best way to transmit our passion and maybe get to better understand the world of wine.” It doesn’t happen so often that sons and daughters decide to follow the father’s footsteps, and sometimes they decide to take different directions: do you think that your passion and love for your earth guided in some way the choices of Lisa, Serena and Lorenzo? Franco Pacenti : “Being born and growing up in a reality where job and family are just one thing, for sure influenced – positively, I must say – their choice, that I am proud of. I tried to transmit them the strong connection between our traditions and the values that link us to this earth, that gives us a lot but also demand.