A perfect Christmas gift: discover Franco Pacenti Wines!

December is a good period to start thinking about the best Christmas gifts for our friends and relatives. A bottle of an excellent wine of the Canalicchio – Franco Pacenti winery will surely be appreciated.

The Brunello di Montalcino DOCG is the perfect wine for the feast days or some special occasions. The grape type is pure Sangiovese, known as “Brunello”. Vinification takes place in thermoconditioned steel tanks and it undergoes a medium-long fermentation on pomace with numerous pumpings over the cap, during which the temperature raises freely up to a maximum of 32°C. The first ageing takes place into Slavonian oak barrels medium-large for 30 months; afterwards the wine is refined in bottle for at least 4 months, during which they are kept into conditioned rooms. The Brunello is strong ruby red in color, tending to carnet. The aroma is intense, floral and fruity with underwood hints. At the first taste, it is immediately clear how this wine is firmly structured, harmonious and long lingering.

During the Christmas lunches and dinners, served in large crystal glasses at 18°C, it is the perfect pairing for succulent red meat and game stews or seasoned cheeses. It is recommended to open the bottle at least two hours before serving it, so that the wine can ventilate.
The philosophy of the Canalicchio – Franco Pacenti winery is the celebration of the Sangiovese grape, which is carefully grown, harvested and then selected only to get the best bunches for the vinification. The production is lower than what the product specification expects: this shows that quality is the main objective of the winery.