Harvest 2017: it’s time to pick in Montalcino

The winery approach is to optimize the Sangiovese, promoting the terroir

As customary, in September the Canalicchio – Franco Pacenti winery in Montalcino is working on the harvest, a moment that usually involves the whole family.
The climatic conditions and especially the drought have influenced the harvest, which has been moved two weeks earlier. This was a difficult year, with a decrease in the production, and this time the commitment of the winery will make the difference.

This is what the Pacenti family says about this harvest:
“Despite the droughts and the spring and summer temperatures that were far above the average, the grape is healthy. This was possible thanks to the clay soil of our vineyards which kept the water and also to the agronomic interventions applied. We will be particularly careful in the cellar as well, where the vinification techniques will be tailored to this year’s needs.
The winery’s approach is to optimize the Sangiovese – which we know very well now, being the only variety we grow – , promoting the terroir and the specific characteristics of each year. The viticulture is often challenging, we always have to learn, especially in problematic years. We will do our best to get the most from this harvest: the conditions are good, we just have to wait patiently”.