Cantine Aperte in Vendemmia “Kid’s harvest”

In occasion of the grape harvest, the winery of Montalcino will open its doors to children to allow them to live the experience of “Winemaker for a day”

Although climate changes are also noticeable with the 2019 vintage, which certainly is not part of the canonical ones, the current weather conditions bode well for a positive year, both in terms of quality and quantity. “The harvest promises to be excellent, with healthy grapes and balanced vines” Lorenzo Pacenti tells us.

After a relatively mild and little rainy winter climate that lasted until April, May showed an important drop in temperatures with abundant rainfall: if on the one hand the vegetative cycle of the vine has slowed down, on the other the rains have rebalanced the soil which, having a good percentage of clay, retained moisture well. A hot and dry summer has re-established the times, limiting the treatments and the accumulated water reserves to a minimum, they have proved to be fundamental for the development of the maturation of the grapes. With the thinning during veraison the best bunches have been selected in order to obtain a homogeneous maturation, which proceeds in an optimal, slow and gradual manner thanks to the typical temperature excursions between day and night of September. The premises are all there and fingers are crossed waiting for the final decisive days.

For wine lovers, the harvest is a fascinating time to visit vineyards and participate with the winemakers in the grape harvest and the first stages of processing. Even Franco Pacenti – Canalicchio will attend Cantine Aperte in Vendemmia, an event promoted by Movimento Turismo del Vino, where this year children will be protagonists.

On Sunday, September 29th, the winery of Montalcino will dedicate the entire afternoon to them. After welcoming the guests, the program includes the transfer to the vineyard with their own car to devote themselves to the grape harvest, during which they can learn different notions about the cultivation of the vine. Upon returning to the winery the grapes will be transformed into wine (must), knowing the Brunello production process and at the end, wine tasting for adults and children with the “of a time” snack and a souvenir photo “Winemaker for a day”.

Children must be accompanied by an adult and reservations are appreciated. Info: [email protected] – 0577/849277