Franco Pacenti – Canalicchio: classic style at Vinitaly


Nothing is given for granted, no standardization in the production of a wine and Franco Pacenti – Canalicchio winery is no exception. The Rosso di Montalcino, for example, is a downgrade of the Brunello and this is for sure a curiosity. The reason why you should choose its Brunello is, instead, the classic interpretation of the Sangiovese: the variety reaches a unique elegance in the north side of Montalcino that is magnified by a 30-month ageing in big barrels only. The “Brunello” brand, given the fame and prestige of the appellation, surely pave the way to success but this winery is so appreciated thanks to the characteristics of its wines, strongly bound to the territory of origin and to the typical nature of each single year. The Franco Pacenti – Canalicchio wines are peculiar, style, expression of the men who produce them, capable of capturing all the details of the territory. Vinitaly will take place in a few days and it will be a good chance to meet Franco Pacenti and his sons, Lisa, Serena and Lorenzo who are devoted to hand down the tradition and strengthen their values, which they capture in their wines. Together with the Rosso di Montalcino and Brunello, the precious Riserva is surely worth tasting: a limited number of bottles, produced only in the best years and enhanced by an elegant new packaging. You will find them in the wing n°9 – Toscana, area B5, stand 15.